the keys to open the window.


Many types of corporal punishment and torture are experienced by prisoners in Labour Camps, here Tian sees what awaits her behind closed doors.

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According to first hand accounts, corporal punishment is commonly used inside the camps, and torture and physical abuse are widespread. Over 3,900 named Falun Gong practitioners have died as a result of torture and abuse in custody and the actual number is estimated to be much higher.

Behind this window are artworks created by Wang Zhiping, a remarkable Chinese artist who based these scenes on personal stories from former inmates.


Torture of a Woman – by Wang Zhiping

Accounts by female prisoners of conscience, who have lived through torture in Chinese detention centers, detail horrendous physical and sexual torture by not only prison guards, but prison inmates as well. It has been reported that some women who practice Falun Gong have been stripped naked and locked into male prison cells.


Like a Stone – by Wang Zhiping

This torture method involves sharp bamboo sticks that are jammed underneath the prisoners fingernails. This and similar torture practices are reportedly often used on Falun Gong practitioners and re-education through labour prisoners.


Group Torture – by Wang Zhiping

This young woman is being tortured by Chinese prison guards and prison inmates, working together. The extreme weight on her lower abdomen severely inhibits the practitioners breathing and can result in paralysis.


Tiger Bench – by Wang Zhiping

This piece depicts a common torture method used to inflict severe, prolonged pain. Bricks are stacked beneath the feet while ropes tying the legs down are pulled tight, bringing the legs to the point of breaking.